Which Is the Best Material for Wood Deck – Pressure Treated Wood, Cedar or Composite Decking

There are different types of wood deck options available in the market such as pressure treated wood, cedar, and composite decking. All three options share similarities and have tradeoffs in terms of maintenance, durability, cost and appearance. Comparison of these features will help you choose the best material for your deck.

Types of deck material



If you are fond of the classy and natural wooden look, then cedar should be your best bet. The deep red portion of the wood is resistant towards rot. As this material does not quickly absorb moisture, so cedar-based decking lies straight and flat.

Whether it is new or old, cedar offers the same warmth, elegance and classy look of a new wood. With a lifespan of around fifteen to twenty years, deck boards made from cedar wood lasts for a long time. It is less expensive than composite and a bit pricey when compared to pressure-treated wood.


When used for ground level decks, cedar wood deteriorates at a fast rate. Also, you need to clean and reseal this material on a regular basis to maintain its color and shine.

Pressure-treated decking


If you value affordability and durability, then pressure-treated wood is your ideal buy. It is stainable, resistant to rot, and dirt, and comes with a lifetime warranty.


This type of deck material is mostly found to be full of moisture. It will shrink non-uniformly and can even twist on drying. It is thus important to check these issues before buying. Experts advise only to purchase Pressure treated lumber that comes with a label of “choice,” “select” or “premium.”

Composite decking


If you are looking for a deck material that does not require maintenance, then go for composite. This material does not rot, twist or splinter. It produces uniform color change even when exposed to shady, dark and damp areas. No refinishing is needed in this material.


A few drawbacks of this material are that it does not look impressive. Also, one feels cold when one walks over it bare feet. It requires regular cleaning in every 3 to 4 years, which when failed to perform can lead to mold formation.


Probably the most difficult decision to make when building a deck is what type of decking to use. There is no ideal deck material. Figuring out the most significant properties of deck materials will make a beneficial selection.